Bobbi Brown with HopShopDrop!



Over the years, the way a person shops has changed a lot. Shopping, no longer means just going to a store and buying items . With the world digitizing, even something
as simple as shopping has seen a drastic change. E-commerce has changed the way we used to shop.-

Even though I personally love to go to a store,check out the collection, try out clothes,  cant overlook the convenience of online shopping . Browse through the site, check out items and get it delivered to your doorstep!
Being a fashion blogger, I use the internet to the fullest not only to browse on the Indian based online stores but also the international ones. Though international shopping sites an have amazing collection,something always restrains me from clicking the ‘confirm order’ button. I wont lie, I have always been intimidated by such international brands for way too many reasons.Crazy additional custom charges, long delivery dates are just a few of many problems to name.These ordeals scare not only me but most of us away from the thought of shopping from International brands. Moreover most of these amazing brands don’t even ship to India.
Now what if I tell you I’ve found an end to all such dilemmas?! Recently I came across this website called C
onsider HopShopDrop,a global citizen that shops for
you from any International brand you want, and delivers directly to your doorstep! I am talking about brands like asos, Topshop, River Island, H&M,Tory Burch,Bershka you name it! has a wide range of fashion,beauty and lifestyle products. No longer do you have to care about problems that I mentioned above.
Just go to, browse through their wide range of items, select,order and relax! they will handle all the customs, shipping and delivery of the product within    8-10days. how amazing is that! Thanks to hopshopdrop, you can bid goodbye to the hassle of such brands.

Today’s post is going to be a beauty post,where I am going to talk about Bobbi Brown shimmer brick that hopshopdrop sourced for me from UK. Bobbi Brown shimmer brick comes in two palates, rose and bronze. Rose shimmer brick is the one I am going to review.
I’ve come across a lot of highlighters available in the market, but undoubtedly this is the best I have used so far. This compact palate has almost everything to add up to finishing touches to your look! It consists of 5 shimmer bricks which are so versatile that you can use the same palate for highlighting, as a blush or eye-shadow.If you are worried about the texture, then let me tell you it is very smooth and glides on your skin very easily. This shimmer brick has a right amount of shimmer and doesn’t make your face light up like a disco ball! You can use the palate individually likeIi did, to put all the five shades to use.

1.Eyebrow and eye highlighter
Take a small brush and gently glide on to the 1st brick. use it on the arch and below it(eyebrow) for highlighting.
the 1st shades works perfect if you want to highlight the inner corner of your eye. This gives a glamorous touch to the eyes and you can spot lot of celebrities donning this look!



Inner corner of eyes



you can use the pink and blush tone shades for a subtle day look.Try  mixing more than two shades for the visible impact on your eyelids. It gives your eyes a fresh look without looking too over the top.  i recently used this shade for
a fresh spring look at the lakme fashion week and it just added to my spring inspired looks!





No look is complete without slight highlights.A Highlighter is a helpful tool to enhance the high points of your face. To highlight, swirl your brush once or twice and then apply it on the high points of your face. i used it on my cheeks, forehead and chin . it gives an
amazing fresh shine without filling your face with shimmer!












Final Look





Like I mentioned earlier there are tonnes of ways in which you can use this shimmer brick.  This palate is a must have in every girl’s vanity!
You can buy this Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and a lot of other high end cosmetics from hopshopdrop. so what are you waiting for guys, go to now and get

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