Every year on this day, we celebrate Independence Day which for us, is just another day off so that we can relax at home, make plans or even be happy that the total number of days we utilize in a week working gets reduced by a day. Nothing more than that! Now you can counter question me on my opinion that how can it not mean something? I mean all our lives has turned into a vicious cycle of trying to fulfill our dreams for which we are ready to break sweat every day through overly challenging situations by quoting each other and to oneself that,” this is LIFE!”. Is it really though? Or is it that the world makes you believe it. Because I don’t know about you, but the last time I read something like this was when I was told that I should be grateful to be alive on this very planet as a human! But am I that grateful? Or do you feel the gratitude even for a minute? Never thought about it right? I will tell you why, because we are so caught up in our lives that we need a day or two off to feel alive again! Difference between us and bots? NONE! What is common between us and them you ask, then it’s the monotony, the set patterns we are forced to follow. You ask why? Because that’s what the world demands or else you will not accomplish what you sought out in the first place or who you want to be! I sense nothing but fear. Fear of losing your dreams. Fear of not being able to make it. Fear that makes you, want to do something even if every bone in your body does not want to.

So this particular thought really got me thinking, are we really free. What does independence actually mean? No I am not talking about the meaning which you can google and find. I’m talking about independence/freedom in true sense. Freedom from your inhibitions, from, “log kya kahenge??”

I have a lot of friends who actually have started to realize the gravity of this situation and are soooo caught up in their daily life (f**ked up life, which I subtly put because, hello abusive content)  that they need a holiday like this or a weekend to feel free. Free from their so called responsibilities.

 Are you a slave? Slave to your own dreams. Slave to your own thoughts.  Slave to the society. Also, slave to the infamous “Log kya kahenge?” Are you not independent? Which usually gets me thinking, though to the world we are free even on paper, but are we truly free? Free from constant scrutiny and judgement. Are we truly living? Are we truly alive? Is it just those 2 days in a week where we enjoy the liberty.

I recently took part in a contest where I had to write a caption on what freedom meant to me. To none of my surprise, I had the same generic answer “to live my live freely..blah blah blah” and that’s what got me thinking about this. We truly are a slave to our thoughts, we are the ones restricting ourselves from the happiness we deserve and it is no one but ourselves who think “log kya sochenge” before actually doing what makes us happy and feel content! “Log kya bolenge” if I wear this, or put this bold lip color, or try something new or even for that fact do something unconventional!



What I am trying to say is this kind of slavery is more dangerous than the one which we fought and won 71 years back! So guys give it a thought, ask yourself are you really free from all the misery that is created by YOU and no one else. As quote goes “Charity begins at home, be the change you want to see” and all of those inspiring quotes that we love to put up as captions to our pictures and act on it, starting from yourself! Until then, let us celebrate 71 years of independence!




1aaAlso, Hope you really like this outfit and my unconventional color combination which I feel was a risk worth taking. The yellow cover up that you see is actually a button down dress and honestly it can be pulled off as a cover up/ jacket pretty easily. This outfit inspiration was purely from the line, “who said, I can’t wear my converse with my dress, oh baby, that’s just me!”  A line from Demi Lovato’s song ‘who said’. All I am saying is there are no rules in fashion! Breaking the monotony is the key. The general rule for instance, how white would have been a safer option instead of this subtle lilac colored top. It is simply trial and error until you get it right. The motto behind creating such an unconventional color combination was nothing but an idea how to brighten up the gloomy day by wearing bright colors. Being a stern believer of practicality in terms of everyday fashion, I trusted the most versatile bottom in everyone’s closet i.e a pair of jeans . Now just in case you do not feel like wearing a pair of skinny jeans, palazzos or culottes can help you achieve the perfect outfit. You can dress it up or dress it down by using the right accessories. Since I love chunky jewelry, this oxidized silver choker worked for me perfectly!

So guys hope you like this outfit and do not hesitate to mix and match your everyday pieces to create different looks. Also be as creative as possible while mixing colors! Feel free to create color combinations and put together outfits. You never know when yellow or pink or any color for that matter becomes the new black!











Bodysuit- H&M, Skirt- ZARA, Choker- ZARA, Sandals- PAYLESS

Over the past few months I have got people asking me questions like, “have you left blogging?”, “why don’t you blog anymore?”, “you should get back to blogging!” and more. So let me clear out few queries. Firstly, NO! I haven’t  left blogging. How can you abandon something that you love. Though there are times when you feel disconnected to certain things, which I believe is normal and this is something most of us will agree to. Secondly, time management is actually the main issue. I won’t lie, but I suck at managing time! Most of the time I am lazy and feel like delaying things, which needs  improvement. So I’ll count this blog-post as my first step towards being a bit more responsible and taking  time out for the things I love ! And lastly though it may look really easy and it might look like blogging is something that one necessarily does not need to take time out, is absolutely wrong! It is a process that needs hard work . No, I am not complaining!! In fact, anything that you love requires your time and a specific amount of hard work along with your dedication! All I am trying to say is that there might be slight bumps in your life, few downs and lots of  unpleasant events that’ll make you want to give up on things. But when such thoughts cross your mind just fight back and trust me the outcome will give you happiness. In the end all that matters is being happy and content with yourself and doing what you love. So never give up on the things that you love!

Moving on , this particular outfit is one of the many that I shot few months back. Also this  outfit has gained so much of love from  people on instagram/facebook that I had to choose this for my post. I am a conservative dresser, but for this, I stepped out of my comfort zone . One of the many reasons of me loving this outfit is because it consists of the two most trending pieces of this year: Paper-bag waist skirt and Criss-cross front bodysuit. The color combination of rust and black is something that I’ve always adored. Completed the look by accessorizing it with a choker and strappy sandals.

Hope you like the look and there  are many more to come. Until then keep following me on my social media accounts for regular updates.




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