Bodysuit- H&M, Skirt- ZARA, Choker- ZARA, Sandals- PAYLESS

Over the past few months I have got people asking me questions like, “have you left blogging?”, “why don’t you blog anymore?”, “you should get back to blogging!” and more. So let me clear out few queries. Firstly, NO! I haven’t  left blogging. How can you abandon something that you love. Though there are times when you feel disconnected to certain things, which I believe is normal and this is something most of us will agree to. Secondly, time management is actually the main issue. I won’t lie, but I suck at managing time! Most of the time I am lazy and feel like delaying things, which needs  improvement. So I’ll count this blog-post as my first step towards being a bit more responsible and taking  time out for the things I love ! And lastly though it may look really easy and it might look like blogging is something that one necessarily does not need to take time out, is absolutely wrong! It is a process that needs hard work . No, I am not complaining!! In fact, anything that you love requires your time and a specific amount of hard work along with your dedication! All I am trying to say is that there might be slight bumps in your life, few downs and lots of  unpleasant events that’ll make you want to give up on things. But when such thoughts cross your mind just fight back and trust me the outcome will give you happiness. In the end all that matters is being happy and content with yourself and doing what you love. So never give up on the things that you love!

Moving on , this particular outfit is one of the many that I shot few months back. Also this  outfit has gained so much of love from  people on instagram/facebook that I had to choose this for my post. I am a conservative dresser, but for this, I stepped out of my comfort zone . One of the many reasons of me loving this outfit is because it consists of the two most trending pieces of this year: Paper-bag waist skirt and Criss-cross front bodysuit. The color combination of rust and black is something that I’ve always adored. Completed the look by accessorizing it with a choker and strappy sandals.

Hope you like the look and there  are many more to come. Until then keep following me on my social media accounts for regular updates.