GLOYO – Beauty,Spa & Fitness Services at Home!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since i last wrote a beauty post. So, getting back to it, this post is about a service called GLOYO – India’s first luxury, beauty, spa and fitness service provider at home.




Ladies!, What If you could avail your Gym, Salon and SPA services at home catering to all your beauty, fitness and wellness needs? Well. Now you can! Welcome to GLOYO. GLOYO provides you with complete head to toe services that make sure you not only pamper yourself but also get the much needed relaxation.

Now, you might be thinking I am bragging too much, but take my word for it. These guys have experts to take care of your needs related to any service you choose. They are really friendly and ready to answer all the queries regarding the service you want to opt for, which in my case there were lots(thanks to the curious me!).They explained me every single detail of the services they offer. GLOYO has a wide range of services for hair, skin, body, nails and lots more one can choose from.

I wanted to pay attention to my arms so I went for the full-hand spa. They provided me with a changing gown. They also paid a lot of attention to details. By this I mean, for a soothing spa-like experience they got an air freshener and played a calm music that made it feel like those spa treatments that I had taken in a salon. Coming back to the spa service, it had 4 steps that included sanitizing, rubbing/scrubbing, pack and moisturizing.

  1. Sanitizing- This is the initial step where they cleaned my arms with a liquid which helped my pores open.
  2. Second was the scrubbing. There was a gel based product with which the scrubbing was done and it was washed off after a good massaging of 8-10mins.
  3. After the scrubbing a pack was applied on the arm and a cling film was put for the pack to get  absorbed in the skin. After keeping it for a good 10 minutes, it was washed off and later wiped.
  4. The last step was moisturizing. a good moisturizer was massaged into my skin for nearly 10mins which left my arm smooth and soft.

Taking up the first service left a visible effect where I could see my tan faded. I was told that after 2 services, the entire tan on my arms will completely go. It was surprising to see how a service like this could make such a difference. Now honestly speaking, you guys have to try  GLOYO to believe it! No need of going to the parlor and salons when you can take care of your beauty and fitness right at your home! All thanks to GLOYO!

You can follow them, check out their website and call them to book your appointments. The best part is that they provide their services in all the areas of Mumbai! So hurrryyyyyy!!

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