Black And White














Top- ZainhaCouture(Instagram), Pants- Global Desi, Heels- Forever21, Accessories- Colaba Causeway


Contrast is something that is present everywhere. Contrast is good-bad, dirty -clean, light-dark, black and white.

It is just present all the time. Without getting much philosophical i would like to keep todays post really short.
Contrast is present everywhere and by now you must’ve understood that i am not talking about those picture edits or the tv screen

Many of you who have been reading my post, by now are aware of how i relate things to fashion. So how could i leave thisĀ one behind! For me the most common contrast is black and white. It is one of those combinations that i reach for on those days when I’m not really in the mood of styling my clothes.Many consider this to be a really boring combination and when i wear anything of this combination, usually questions like “are you sad?”,”why so boring?”,”why arent you colorful or lively today?” come my way. So to avoid such questions i usually accessorize the outfit with colors. i guess by now everyone knows how it is with b&w outfits.

A Pop of color always works and usually for me this combo is a open canvas to flaunt all those neon accessories or bright colored
bags or shoes i have, which otherwise sit idle most of the time.
Off late, i’ve been hooked to plazzo pants and culottes. Cant seem to get over the comfort of these pants in the mumbai heat.
Staying true to my love for everything comfortable and practical, i came up with todays outfit. Lace pieces have always lured me
and this black lace crochet top works for me. These white plazzo pants have become my go-to pants this season. It is sooo versatile
that you can wear it with a top like i did, or even a croptop or kurta.
Hope you liked this look and ive been planning to post some casual outfits in the coming weeks.
Stay tuned to my social media handles(mentioned in the ‘about’ section) for something really exciting coming up!





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