Summer Layers












Top- OLD NAVY, Vest- ZARA(buy similar),  Pants- VERO MODA(buy here) , Heels- PAYLESS(buy similar), Accessories- FOREVER21



I’ve always been the ‘dress for comfort’ kind. If something looks good but isn’t comfortable, then I generally do not go for it. Comfort and style go hand in hand. If you are not comfortable in an outfit, it will show no matter how good the pieces are. Today almost everyone is aware that comfort is a key to great dressing. Comfort to me is really crucial, when dressing up or down. The rising mercury has changed the way I dress normally. Won’t lie, I love my skinny jeans but lets not forget how irritating it becomes in this humid weather and the denim material just adds up to the uncomfortable experience.

In today’s blog post I am gonna talk about clothes that let you breathe! In a weather like this I instantly reach out for clothes that are not body hugging yet stylish. You can see me donning a lot of culottes, palazzo, dresses or even a skirt for that matter. These things when paired with a crop top, blouse or a flowy top screams summer! Not only the fit but also the material is crucial when you want to stay cool from inside in this heat. Cotton is a very good option. You can layer a cotton vest or a crochet vest too. Layering for summers is great, but often misunderstood. It doesn’t mean bundling up in layers and layers of clothes! Light layering `is the way to go for summers. If you are the person  who likes to layer, then invest in a good neutral color vest that goes well with a lot of pieces.

For today’s outfit, I kept the light layering in mind. For some reason I am drawn to the mustard yellow this season and this zara blazer  fulfills my checklist of a vest and being a mustard yellow piece both at the same time! Nothing makes you feel breezy and summer like than the color white. I paired the white culottes with a floral crop top. Choose a floral crop top because why not! personally I love forals and incorporated this print in my outfit. Finished it off with black barely there sandals, few minimal accessories and kept the makeup fresh with a pink lip!

Hope you liked this look. I have linked the similar outfit pieces in the last picture. Until the next post, follow me on all social media platforms for daily updates! usernames mentioned in the contact section.


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