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Summer is almost here! Temperatures soaring upto 37-40 degrees is a clear indication of the increasing heat. With May just around the corner, you can already feel the heat. God only knows what the weather has in store for us this time round. Nevertheless, such weather transitions call for a slight wardrobe color change for me. As of now, many know that I am biased to certain colors when it comes to my outfits. But I have never really shied away from colors. For the people who know me, know that I am the first person to reach out to the different colors and shades of a particular color or even prints. One color which I really haven’t explored in the past times is the color nude.

The color nude has a lot of variations. Now let me tell you what the color nude really means. Nude basically refers to the skin color of a person and with accordance to that, the color and its tone is decided. For example; if your skin-tone is fair, the color nude to you will be very different than a person who’s skin tone is dusky like mine.
When I talk of the color nude, it can’t be limited to a single color. In simple words, the color nude is basically the skin tone color of an individual.

Nudes are a group of elegant shades in which there are a lot of shades and one certainly cannot describe or name a specific shade for nude. The nude spectrum is divided
into 5 categories — whites, pinks, yellows, beige’s and browns — and offers more than 30 narrowed-down names, including porcelain, tawny beige and toasted brown.

Porcelain:                           Tawny Beige:                     Roasted brown:

:Mono_Colour_Glazed_Porcelain_Tile-Ivory        nb-bm-foundation-tawny-beige-color        dark_beige_color_only_custom_design_tile-rdf3c8dfdd5134e15bcadff190676b3b5_agtk1_8byvr_324

If you are facing problems in this department, then let me introduce you to the Louboutin nude collection, which by now many of you guys have already come across on social media sites. Christian Louboutin recently launched the nude collection which showcases different nude colors and indicates the versatility of the color nude. What this collection basically indicates that the nude is a subjective color and it differs from person to person and keeping this in mind Christian Louboutin specially made this collection. He also added that and I quote ,”These shoes disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of her legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette. It should not remove the attention away from the legs or what she is currently wearing, it should give her an extra lift.”

The Christian Louboutin Nude collection:




Not only the shades of nude are on trend but also it is a very nice alternative to wear other than the classic white, this season.
There is nothing on a woman more beautiful than having them wear their essence or skin tone.

Now as much as I want to own one of those nude shades of Louboutins,things like the price really sets most of us back and it is a limited edition as well. The moment I saw the editorial I started dreaming about these. Aren’t you also tempted to own a pair that is the right shade of nude for you?! When I thought that my dream of owning that perfect nude pair of heels will forever remain a dream, that’s when I came across Talons dor. Confused? let me help you out. Talons dors is a shoe customizing company that takes care of those dream Cinderella shoes one desires or in my case the perfect pair of nude heels. talons dors helps lets you participate fully, in the process of customization to give you a pair of shoes that you always wanted but couldn’t find! Thinking of how to customize your own shoe? its a very simple process. The site has a very user friendly digital customizer that helps you create your shoe right from the scratch. You can decide the color and material of the shoe sole,insole,toe sole, heel and the upper part of the shoe. They have a wide variety of materials like suede, gloss, textured, stain,matte and weaved. you can even choose the heel height. And the best part is that the customized pair of shoes is very affordable. What else does a shoe lover need?!
So get creative and own that pair of shoes that you always wanted with Talons dor.

Getting back to my outfit. The entire nude color palate is amazing to experiment this season. Like I mentioned earlier, this color palate is a refreshing way to replace white and light colors. The key to wearing this look is to incorporate different shades of nude. The button-down stalkbuylove  maxi skirt works well with the off shoulder top which is soo on trend! The Talons D’or shoes creates the perfect balance and appeal and do not disappear  with the nude shade of the skirt. To create a contrast with the whole look, the brown bag works well and stays in the whole nude color palate. For the makeup, keeping it fresh is the key. Blush pink lips is the way to go.

Hope you like the outfit. Do check out and start customizing your shoe today!

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