MINK Laundry service – pamper your clothes!

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Nowadays everything is on the internet, I mean literally! From clothes, to food,to getting your daily chores done! Name it and a service is available. And why should it not be that ways?. Everything is so modernized so why not make ones life easy and simple. Everything being one click away is not just a saying anymore. Now you can literally do that with the help of existing lifestyle apps available in the market. One such thing I would like to talk about today.
Laundry is something we all do! but honestly everyone is so busy in  their daily routines, that we end up neglecting such a chore.

I always wished that getting my laundry done would be a much easier task and then I came across MINK, a preeminent laundry service focused on providing superior quality & personalized care to your garments.

Saying this from my personal experience, being a blogger has me involved with clothes all the time. From blog-posts to events to meetings everything just revolves around outfits and as soon as i get done with it, i usually throw them back in my closet(for which i blame the lazy me!) I don’t even get the time to put it for washing due to my busy schedule.
This is when mink comes in! they have experts to look at the fabrics and clean it accordingly.
They take care of your clothes just like its theirs! From leather to linen, they have mastered craft-caring.

So basically, items like leather jackets, shoes, bedding’s, stuffed toys when they get dirty all we think of is just wiping them with a damped cloth, but Mink has taken things seriously in this department.
They scan every item in detail and decide the befitting care to be taken.Only the best solvents and utmost care is taken for your garment. I mean questions arising about something like this is normal, i had many too.

Let me tell you, its something simple as a pick-up and drop service. Give your garments as per your convenience to the pilot that comes to your doorstep, just brush off worry from your shoulders and relax, your garment is in hands of experts. After this, the clothes are delivered to your doorstep. Payment can be done by Cash-On-Delivery which in my opinion is the most convenient mode of payment. I sent in 2 garments and after experiencing their service I’ve written my experience above! They handled a chiffon and silk garment with utmost care. The garments look as good as new and every little dirt is off too!

Ever since then,my family members have been hooked!
So what are you waiting for? contact Mink and pamper your clothes!

Mink is currently operational in Mumbai.
website- www.mink.co.in
call /whatsapp- 808080-2442

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