Wear Your Personality.






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Dress- STALKBUYLOVE, Heels- PAYLESS,  Phone cases and wall art- SHETANI

Your personality is a strong indication of what styles you are most affiliated to. Sometimes it shows in what you wear or even in choosing a accessory . When talking about this, a term, ‘wear your personality’ is what comes to my mind. I mean how true is it! Do we really wear our personality? This particular term got me thinking and I recollected my outfits that I have worn in the past. To which I realized, its not only in the outfits we choose, but also in the little things like choosing your accessories, making choices or decisions in our daily routine and even the food we choose to eat!For instance,spring is here and some of us reach for those breezy dresses while some for those shorts. This just shows everybody is unique with a unique personality.

Pondering over this,it just clicked to me that even a simple thing as a phone cover goes a long way in reflecting your personality.Today, mobile phones have become vital to everyone’s life. Its almost like you carry your world with you in your phone. Now, being connected to my phone is important as I need to be constantly checking my emails,filling my calendar, taking inspiration from pinterest, snapchatting, instagramming and basically just being on social media all the time. Isn’t this all that we do with our phones?! Since we use our phones so much, why not add a bit of personal touch to it like a cover. Now selecting something like a phone case/cover,for me is a personal choice. Sometimes it depends on my mood, sometimes the way I feel or sometimes just a plain color to make my phone look a bit better!

I recently came across shetani on Facebook and was intrigued by the work they do. Shetani majorly works on everything artistic. They have a ton of phone cases ranging from simple colored ones to ones with some fabulous illustrations by really talented artists. Like I mentioned before Just like your style, I think a person’s phone case can say so much about them. These would also make such great gifts for literally any occasion because one can really never have enough phone covers, can they? Plus shetani has a lot of options in wall arts, i-pad covers, notebooks , so you could send them photos or quotes and have one made just how you like it. They took a step ahead and were kind enough to make my sketch on suede with ‘laelanblog’ printed on it. Now how cool is that!. just imagine it and leave it to them! If you guys haven’t seen it yet, you really should and for those who are looking to get presents, this could be a saviour!

I hope you liked this post. until the next post, you can follow me on various social media platforms to be updated.

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