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There are certain situations that call for a specific attire to be in place and work places/interviews are definitely one of them! Not only are you required to be dressed appropriately but you also have to dress to impress. People going for work are very well aware of such appropriate work-wear, but when it comes to experimenting in this department, people are often set aback. People usually have a notion of playing it safe rather than taking risks . This tends to make this department too boring. But honestly it is one of the most fun departments to experiment in, if you keep the minimalism in mind. If you are a fan of the minimal trend, then this department is yours! you can do wonders just by mixing and matching certain pieces and create work-wear outfits that your colleagues will envy.
So here are some pieces that you should definitely include in your work-wear.

This is an essential and there is no substitute to this! blazers can instantly make your outfit look more put together.It helps you to add a formal vibe when paired up with skirt,dress,pants. Navy, black, beige and white are the basic solid colors that can be teamed up with basically anything. Other than these basic colors you can go for other color options as well.The Fit of the blazer is an important aspect. Always pick a blazer that fits you like a glove!


Now the lowers have taken a drastic transformation since the past year. Now it is no longer a norm, that trousers are only the appropriate option. The palazzo and culottes have taken a major lead in this department. You can replace the normal trousers with palazzo, culottes or even colored pants. Adding color to your look is no longer a gutsy step to take!And there is no match to the comfort of palazzo/culottes. one small tip: when playing with colored lowers, make sure you balance it with a neutral top/blouse/shirt/blazer.


Pencil skirts are the only type of skirts that can be included in this section! Pair your pencil skirt with a top/shirt and blazer to nail that authoritative yet feminine look!

Now this need not be mentioned that formal shirts are work-wear heroes! choose from a wide range of shirts/blouses solid colors, checks, stripes and minimal patterns have become a new fad. Boxy tops have also entered this domain and are working quite well! Pair it under a blazer/vest and you are good to go.


Now many fret to experiment with dresses as a work-wear option, but honestly they look fantastic when layered with a blazer/long vest. Shirt dresses have become quite popular too. Always choose a dress that ends below your knees. color-block dresses and geometric design dresses make an interesting option if you wanna skip the usual solid
colored dresses.


Since you will be spending a good 7-8 hrs in office, it is very important to wear comfortable shoes.4 inches sure look amazing in magazines,but it isn’t really recommendable when comfort comes in the picture. Pumps, loafers, sandals with or without heels works as long as you are comfortable in it. This is only because you certainly wouldn’t wanna be seen struggling with your shoes the entire day!

Jewelry and Makeup
Minimalist approach is recommended if you want to accessorize your outfit.Dainty, sleek and clean pieces are the most apt for work-wear. coming to the makeup, always keep a natural, fresh makeup. Avoid dramatic looks and embrace a simple/natural look.

At the end of the day, if you look good,you’ll feel good. This will not only get you those extra points, it may also inspire your colleagues to make an effort too!

Hope you like this post and find it helpful. Until the next post you can follow me for updates on various social media platforms.

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